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Free Standing
Gas Cooker Installation

New Gas Supply Hose

New Fittings, 1m Pipe Work
From £48 (Standard) £15 £15
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Only if chosen or neccessary*

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Gas Hob Installation

New Additional Fittings & Pipe Work

New Isolation Valve

Labour £70 £20 £12
Call Out & Inspection £38 Only if neccessary*

Only if necessary

to secure warranty & BS standards*

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What you can get for your £15 New Fittings & Pipe Work The Necessary*
  • We are GAS SAFE Registered GAS SAFE Engineer with over 19 years gas industry experience

  • We offer low cost labour charges for Single Visit Free Standing Installations from £38

  • We do the finest professional work regardless of social customer status

  • Our customers appliance warranties are valid because we fit to manufacturer instructions

  • We instruct and practice with our customers so you can cook your food with confidence

  • We can supply cooker hoses and all the standard fittings

  • Our customers get fantastic after care in the form of Expertise, Advice and Priority Communications

  • We offer convenient weekend and evening services at no extra cost

  • We offer discounts to people who have difficulties meeting the costs

  • We are Friendly Gas Experts

We offer a very fair,

clear cost & charge gas service

We bring everything your installation should need for a quick and safe

Single Visit Cooker Installations

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Free Standing Gas Cookers
Gas Hob Installations

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