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Cooker Fitting Fitter Installations 2019

About Our Work + Advice

Our fitters:
Issue Gas Safe Registered documents that safety certify our installations
Work compliantly with manufacturer instructions to ensure warranties are valid
* Work compliant with British Standards. Regulations, Home and Property Insurances rules.

Safe Working:
Specialise in risk assessing, checking, testing, installing and maintenance
* Visually inspect all related appliances, offer clear safety guidance and advice
Take the time to level and balance appliances so your pots & pans are safer in use
* Answer appliance questions and demonstrate safe ways to operate cooking appliances.

Travel & Arriving to Your Door:
*  Use up to date navigation technology to get to your home, on time
*  Bring standard equipment kits for single visit, one stop completions
 Park our vehicles near by with thought & consideration of your neighbours.

Our head engineer has carried out over 20 Years of Fine Gas Workmanship in 1000's of homes and properties

Choosing the right appliances for your home


* ALL appliance must be fully operational and safety compliant

* ALWAYS get a legal document to prove that the appliance is fully covered by a lawful guarantee* so that it can be return without dispute, if necessary.

Pricing Costs & Charges for call out, repairs, installation, parts and fitting will always be required for our visits.

Gas leak detection

We Disconnect For You

We Make Safe For You

This live site images here demonstrates gas leak detection fluid sprayed at a failed self sealing fitting where the bubbles indicate uncontrolled unsafe gas leakage. This can happen when a cooker supply connection point can become faulty, if disconnected.

Rear wall gas cooker pipe work amendments

Always follow manufacturer instructions and rules of set out in Gas Safety Regulations. Check worker credentials on Gas Safe Registered Cards (Front & Rear) to ensure this person is currently qualified.

Gas Oven & Grill Units must be fitted compliantly to protect the users.

We disconnect appliances safely

Your Photo's Can Help
Reduce Arrangement Times

1. Take picture(s)

2. Describe what work you want done

Rear wall gas cooker pipe work amendments

Safe Sited Pipe Work Matters

Heat given off by cooking appliances can effect combustible materials around installation sites. There are hot regions where the gas supply hose should not be positioned.

We go all the way so that unseen gas pipe work whether behind, adjacent and or under work surfaces are sized, routed and fitted to comply with British Standards and manufacturer specifications.

Cooker Fitting Services

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