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Cooker Fitting Services

Cooker Fitting Services

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"Low Cost Cooker Fitters"

Do you need your gas pipe work amended?
We offer value for your money because you're charged based on what has to be used.

If You Smell Gas? - Act Safely & Contact 0800 111 999

Moving somewhere, altering your property, shutting down a property or changing your appliances? 

Gas leak detection

We Disconnect For You

We Make Safe For You

This live site images here demonstrates gas leak detection fluid sprayed at a failed self sealing fitting where the bubbles indicate uncontrolled unsafe gas leakage. This can happen when a cooker supply connection point can become faulty, if disconnected.

We use industry standard pipe work and fittings to safely route run to safety certified appliances.

We Route Pipe Work For You

We Direct Gas Safely For You

Gas disconnection of an individual appliance or whole properties at the supply gas meter. Media (c) - 2019